Skin Care

Skin Care Q & A

What is skin care?

Skin care is the medical treatment of skin conditions that are unsightly, unusual, or cancerous. Dr. Lopez and her team are experienced in treating a wide array of skin problems to give you smooth, clear skin without invasive procedures.

Which skin care services are available?

Numerous skin care services are available at the office of Luz Angela Lopez, MD, including:

  • Mole and skin tag removal
  • Wart removal
  • Acne treatments
  • Acne scar treatments
  • Skin biopsies

The skin care treatment that’s right for you depends on the type of skin problem you have and its severity. Dr. Lopez offers advanced, top-quality skin care products and procedures to give you optimal results.

What should I expect during a skin care appointment?

During a skin care appointment with Dr. Lopez, she and her team review your medical history and examine your skin in problem areas. 

They might utilize skin biopsies to detect or rule out cancer if you have a mole or other skin spot that’s irregular, changes its shape or size, or looks suspicious.

To take a biopsy, she numbs the treatment area before taking a sample of tissue to send to a lab for analysis. Upon receiving the results, Dr. Lopez lets you know if further treatment is necessary.

Which treatment is right for me?

Dr. Lopez and her team review skin care treatment options with you to find one that’s the best fit. They might recommend:

  • Mole or skin tag excision
  • Laser treatments
  • Cryotherapy, or freezing treatments
  • Chemical peels
  • Topical or oral acne medications
  • Other topical skin care products
  • Chemotherapy or radiation therapy for skin cancer

You might require multiple treatments or more than one type of skin care procedure to give you the clear, smooth skin you desire. The team personalizes each treatment to optimize your results.

To protect your skin, avoid sun exposure by wearing protective clothing or sunscreen. Maintain a healthy weight, eat a nutritious diet, and avoid walking barefoot in communal areas.

Don’t live with skin imperfections if they look unsightly or suspicious and diminish your confidence. Schedule a skin care appointment with Dr. Lopez and her team over the phone or online today.

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